Design as a transdisciplinary and structuring tool, sensitizing, disseminating and acting together with the production industry for the emergence of new concepts and ways of understanding production, consumption, processes, innovation, creativity, interaction and sustainability. This is the motto of the Industry-Integrated Design Program, another important initiative of ABIMÓVEL in partnership with Apex-Brasil through the Brazilian Furniture Project.

It is common to think of design linked to the creation of a product, packaging or service. However, design must also be understood as the elaboration or improvement of a process / workflow or the idealization of a new business or the market repositioning of a brand, product and service. Therefore, the actions initiated within the scope of the Industry-Integrated Design Program, aim to train and guide companies in the furniture sector regarding the needs of the markets.


2020 planning

The pilot project of Industry-Integrated Design Program for the companies participating in the scope of the Brazilian Furniture Project was developed in several phases, as you can see below:

Project methodology;

Selection of the first 20 industries;

Immersion process;

Analysis and synthesis of design management in each of the 20 companies;

Report with suggestions for improvement and adjustments;

Technical meeting with the companies, designer teams, Brazilian Furniture Project and ABIMÓVEL members;

Creation and / or transfiguration of products;

Exhibition of the products at international fairs / missions;

Monitoring of commercialization in the national and worldwide market.


2021/2022 planning

For the next two years, the proposal is to continue and consolidate the activities of the Industry-Integrated Design Program, within the scope of the Brazilian Furniture, following the methodology built and the implementation of each of the phases: from the choice of the companies, selection of the products, creation or transmutation of parts / products, the brand/designer insertion in the international market and the performance evaluation, to the commercialization of parts and / or collection of the developed products.

As a result, the following goals were defined for the biennium:

2021 = 20/25 companies, with at least one product or set of products;

2022 = 25/35 companies, with at least one product or set of products.

In addition to incorporating and attending new companies, the project will have a group of at least 10 designers / architects to guide and monitor each group of 20 brands. The goal is to add value to the products of the companies, allowing the pieces to be positioned in the international market.