Working together with Apex-Brasil, ABIMÓVEL was invited to create the Brazilian lounge at the Fuorisalone, as part of the Industry-Integrated Design Program and the Brazilian Furniture Project, both supported by Apex-Brasil. The space will be “Brazil’s home” in Milan between September 4th and 19th, 2021, being totally directed towards the development of the relationship between the Brazilian furniture companies and designers with the international market, to promote their products to the buyers and the journalists that come from all over the world.

Aiming to promote the Brazilian product internationally, the scenography and curatorship signed by the Moreira do Valle office, based in Sao Paolo (Brazil), selected special pieces provided by some of the Brazilian brands that also participate in the supersalone, a special edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano in this year.

In addition, the space also has an exhibition of products created by national designers who are part of the Industry-Integrated Design Program. They are: Aciole Félix, Bruno Faucz, Daniel Simonini, Diogo Giácomo Tomazzi, Emerson Borges, estudiobola, Fabrício Roncca, Henrique Steyer, Lattoog, Marcelo Bilac, Mula Preta, among others.

The lounge is an extension of the “Brazil – Design in Motion” exhibition, organized by Apex-Brasil at the “INTERNI – Creative Connections” event inside of the Università Degli Studi di Milano, one of the most traditional and renowned design spots in the world. It is Brazil’s sixth official participation at the Fuorisalone.


Industry-Integrated Design Program

ABIMÓVEL has been working for over thirty years with a commitment to the development and strengthening of the furniture sector and the national industry. In partnership with Apex-Brasil, through the Brazilian Furniture Sectoral Project, the organization has been promoting the competitiveness of the Brazilian furniture industry in the international market through strategic actions, highlighting in Milan the important initiative called “Industry-Integrated Design Program”, which is based on design as a transdisciplinary and structuring tool. Disseminating and working with the industry for the emergence of new concepts and ways of understanding production, consumption, processes, innovation, creativity, interaction and sustainability.


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