Lovato Móveis takes the resistance and diversity of Brazilian techniques and raw materials to Milan

Brazilian diversity applied to design through the synergy between the most different techniques and raw materials: aluminum, wood, synthetic fiber, sling fabric, rope and nautical knitting, and a variety of fabrics and foams that are resistant to the elements of time… Nature is a source of inspiration and inexhaustible “fuel” for the work of Lovato Móveis, a company from Campo Magro, located in the metropolitan region of Curitiba (PR), that is showcasing their high-end outdoor furniture in Milan, Italy, for the second time.

In a clear process of growth and internationalization, the Lovato brand is already present in several countries, investing in innovation, sustainability and authorial design to take the name of Brazilian professionals, as well as the result of the work of more than 170 employees of the company further and further away. Always focusing on fostering the local economy, generating formal jobs and working with social and environmental responsibility.

Thus, more than launching new pieces and furniture collections, Lovato aims to consolidate themselves as an engaged and high standard brand, working in the development and handling of typically Brazilian raw materials, which are innovative, resistant to time, highlighted by their beauty, reliable origin and durability. One of the company’s characteristics, in fact, is that they truly value ​​and prioritize verticalization with products that display their own content. Ensuring, then, the quality, traceability, customization and vanguard of their furniture.

At a time of resumption and reopening of markets and events, the supersalone, special edition of Salone del Mobile.Milano in 2021, is therefore an ideal platform for the brand to expand its presence in the international market. “Lovato will once again bring the best of outdoor furniture to the eyes of the world. In addition to the already known technical quality, we will exhibit products signed by great Brazilian designers, such as Guto Biazzetto and Guto Indio da Costa. The work of these professionals represents Brazilian authenticity and personality and synthesizes the resilience of our people with handmade products”, says the brand’s management.

Discover the highlights of Lovato Móveis to  the “supersalone” 2021

Libélula Deckchair

(Dragonfly Deckchair)

With a sinuous line, as well as smooth and continuous contours, the Libélula deckchair gently rests on the ground and provides, through its ergonomics, a comfortable and relaxing position. Lonely, in pairs or trios, Libélula brings a new look to conventional sun loungers. Woven in a high-strength tricot,  the material allows contact with wet clothes without damaging the deckchair’s durability.

Espreguiçadeira Libélula 

Arraia Sofa

(Stingray Sofa)

The Arraia line innovates in its composition and in its unusual contours, as well as its welcoming and resistant finishing and fixation. Undeniably unique pieces.

 Sofá Arraia 

Nave Chair

(Ship Chair)

The Nave chair is a set of inspirations linked to the sea, with movement, lightness and its own identity. Nave, in Italian, Navio in Portuguese, the pieces are totally related to the ocean. Working with shapes, light and comfortable materials, the chair fits perfectly in all kinds of ambients and decor.

La Vita Side Table

With an up-to-date concept, an innovative approach in the use of CNC on aluminum tops, and composing with braided ropes, La Vita side tables make a very harmonious composition with any space, whether external or internal.

Very elegant, La Vita table has a distinctive identity, which in addition to serving as a piece of furniture, also acts as a decorative object, a sculpture, due to its very sophisticated and unique shape.

Mesa Lateral La Vitta

“ABIMÓVEL and Apex-Brasil, through the Brazilian Furniture Project, have decisively helped us in the development of our actions abroad, making room for business expansion and the dissemination of Brazilian production to the world. We participated in the last edition of iSaloni, in 2019, and now we return to Rho Fiera Milano with the mission of emphasizing the stability and resistance of our products and our brand, seeking to enchant the global market with the grace and lightness of our pieces, referring to a lighter world, closer to nature”, concludes the direction of Lovato Móveis.

Brazilian furniture in Milan: Visit us at the supersalone

Where? Hall 03 – Rho Fiera Milano – Milan (Italy)

When? September 5th to 10th, 2021

Company website: www.lovatomoveis.com.br


The Brazilian furniture will be showcased at Hall 03 at the Rho Fiera Milano, one of the most visited spaces at the fair, with the participation of 10 Brazilian companies associated with the Brazilian Furniture Sectorial Project, organized by ABIMÓVEL – The Brazilian Furniture Manufacturers Association and Apex-Brasil – The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency.

The project agenda in Milan also holds an exclusive event at Fuorisalone, celebrating 30 years of the circuit at the INTERNI exhibition inside the Università Degli Studi di Milano. The exhibition “Brasil – Design in Motion” will feature 20 Brazilian brands and designers under the curatorship of the interior designer José Roberto Moreira do Valle. The event is organized by Apex-Brasil, in collaboration with ABIMÓVEL.

Further information: www.abimovel.com | www.brazilianfurniture.org.br



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