Facing our reality and showing that the Brazilian furniture industry knows its environment and that our companies are working in an agile and constant way towards a better world: this is the motto of SIMB – the Sustainability Program for the Furniture Sector, which today has about 60 companies within the process of improving their sustainable management practices.

SIMB aims to promote the theme of sustainable management in the furniture sector and to help companies of the Brazilian Furniture Project to adequate their routines and activities from a socio-environmental point of view.

The objective is to confirm SIMB as an evidence of quality for furniture brands. By participating in the project, the company shows that they care about the world and the importance of sustainable practices. It is also noteworthy that the program seeks to guarantee to the buyer markets a strong commitment from Brazil to the continuous evolution of sustainable production in the sector.


FIRST PHASE (2017/18) – SET UP

In December 2017, the Project Start meeting was held, where the quote that summarizes the main challenge of the project was defined:

“Increasing international competitiveness through a diagnosis of the Brazilian Furniture companies, allowing them to self-assess and identify the way to expand their management capacity for sustainability.”


Project Products:

Report: Good Practices in Sustainability Worldwide;

Report: Good Practices on Sustainability in Brazil;

Report: Public Procurement and Government Actions in Sustainability;

Diagnosis of the sustainable maturity of companies in the BF Project;

Carbon Inventory of the BF Project companies;

Follow-up service;

Training Plan;

Insertion and Marketing Plan;



SECOND PHASE (2019/2020)

Structuring initiatives were carried out, such as:

Sustainability studies;

Diagnosis of companies in relation to the practice of sustainable management and work plans;

Training and marketing to promote and evolve sustainable practices in the sector.


Project Products

Online Diagnostic Platform and Work Plan;

Structured Monitoring Service;

Sustainability Training Program;

Articulation of Partnerships;

Communication Plan;

Sustainable Export Manual to the countries that are the focus of the Brazilian Furniture Project;

Structuring of Certification / “EcoSelo”;

Study: Carbon Footprint in the Brazilian Furniture Sector.


THIRD PHASE (2021/2022)

The greatest lesson of 2019/20 for the operation of the project was to see the need to develop a strategy for the SIMB Program in conjunction with the Brazilian Furniture Project, providing a criteria for the companies participation.

It became evident the need to invest in marketing efforts to be able to mobilize the companies of the Brazilian Furniture Project not only to join SIMB, but also to participate in the diagnosis, work plan, training and partnerships initiatives, as well as investing efforts in CRM to ensure a more effective relationship with the associated companies.

For 2021/2023, we anticipate the following steps:


Expansion of the Diagnostic Platform;

Continuity of the Training Program;

Articulation of Partnerships;

Communication Plan;

Export Manual;

Implementation of “EcoSelo” (Eco Stamp);

GHG emissions’ Report;

Circular Economy Program for the Furniture Industry.

With SIMB the companies have access to studies and diagnostics, demands for sustainable actions, training and work plans with practical and applicable tools. Thus, in addition to generating competitive advantages, the project aims to create the necessary bases to make the Brazilian furniture industry a world reference in sustainability.

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