Presenting and promoting the Brazilian furniture industry to the world through the reception and integration of renowned trendsetters from different regions and media channels around the globe, the Image Project focuses on the consolidation and positioning of the national Brazilian brands by welcoming international journalists for the coverage of important actions and events in Brazil — a project that is a reference in design, branding and marketing methodologies for global companies.

Thus, the Image Project aims to present to the international media:

  • The Brazilian furniture industry;
  • The raw materials used by the producers;
  • The sustainability practices adopted by our manufacturers;
  • The authentic Brazilian design;
  • The industrial parks, products and the technology applied by the Brazilian companies on their production.

With this, the purpose is to spread the Brazilian furniture industry, its high quality materials and authentic design around the globe, through the channels represented by those journalists. Contributing to the promotion of the national industry image and reputation worldwide.