Focused on the internationalization of the Brazilian furniture industry in the search for the constant economic development of the sector, the BUYER PROJECT is part of the strategic actions of the Brazilian Furniture Project – an initiative of ABIMÓVEL and Apex-Brasil.

The project consists of business roundtables held in Brazil, between local companies in the furniture sector and potential buyers from a variety of target markets around the globe. The main goal is to foster international partnerships to increase exports by organizing individual meetings between these companies and the strategic buyers.

The international buyers are selected based on:

  • Relevance of the target country;
  • Purchase potential;
  • Operation’s segment;
  • Convergence of demand with the supply of Brazilian industry;
  • Positioning market.

The meetings can be carried out during large events, fairs or individually. However, those organized during trade fairs, offer the foreign buyer the chance to contemplate the strength of the Brazilian manufacturers, their products and the technology applied in their production by visiting the local industrial parks.

However, at a time when the channels and sales modalities had to be adapted, the business roundtables also gained a digital version due to the intensification of the Covid-19 pandemic. Thus, allowing companies from all over the world to have access and to do business with Brazilian companies in a safe manner and with all the support from the Brazilian Furniture organizers.