Different prisms, different inspirations: by Kamy takes Brazilian diversity to Milan

In their 30 years of experience, by Kamy has consolidated themselves as one of the main carpet brands in Brazil, using the world as their factory and people as their reference. And it is exactly their unique eye into the world that the brand will share in another edition of Salone del Mobile.Milano, the supersalone 2021.

Ignoring the predictable, the company focuses on the incessant search for possibilities from different perspectives, guaranteeing to the market much more than rugs, the creation of pieces that translate life experiences and portray true works of art. This responsibility and concept enable the brand to show what is behind their collections and prints, such as techniques and knowledge that involve skills, intuition and sensitivity, connecting design and creation.

For the supersalone, by Kamy selected important themes that portray works by Brazilian artists and architects from different generations, with plural ways of thinking and expressing themselves. Thus, reinforcing the greatest wealth in national artistic production, always showcasing the mixing of cultures that make up our highlighted identity.

“Our flagship in the supersalone will be the by Kamy Arte, a brand concept that brings together limited-run pieces, made with refined artistic content and superior quality, through an exclusive partnership with the old textile mills that still produce precious manufactures today” , explain the directors of the company.

The big launch is on account of the rugs and arazzos signed by the Brazilian multimedia artist Regina Silveira, exclusively for by Kamy. Highlighting the arazzo Fauna Mix Marítimo (2.15 x 1.35 m), handmade by the artist using 100% wool, as well as the tufted carpet Fauna Mix Serpente (diameter 2.00 m), also 100% wool.

“The Brazilian Furniture Project gave us the honorable chance to be in a select group of companies that are going to show Brazilian design to the world. This gives us a unique opportunity, especially in such difficult times, to show the international market what is being done in the most contemporary way in Brazilian tapestry”, reinforces the direction. “We understand that a ‘wall’ in the supersalone is a very precious opportunity and, to show everything that involves what we call ‘world by Kamy’, we will also complement the physical exhibition with a virtual presentation, which can be accessed via QR Code .” The company also drops a special hot site on the occasion of the event:feirademilao.bykamy.com.br.

Fauna Mix Serpente

Brazilian Furniture in Milan: Visit us at supersalone

Where? Hall 03 – Rho Fiera Milano – Milan (Italy)

When? September 5th to 10th, 2021

Company website: feirademilao.bykamy.com.br


The Brazilian furniture will be showcased at Hall 03 at the Rho Fiera Milano, one of the most visited spaces at the fair, with the participation of 10 Brazilian companies associated with the Brazilian Furniture Sectorial Project, organized by ABIMÓVEL – The Brazilian Furniture Manufacturers Association and Apex-Brasil – The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency.

The project agenda in Milan also holds an exclusive event at Fuorisalone, celebrating 30 years of the circuit at the INTERNI exhibition inside the Università Degli Studi di Milano. The exhibition “Brasil – Design in Motion” will feature 20 Brazilian brands and designers under the curatorship of the interior designer José Roberto Moreira do Valle. The event is organized by Apex-Brasil, in collaboration with ABIMÓVEL.

Further information: www.abimovel.com | www.brazilianfurniture.org.br



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