Brazilian Furniture Exports in the first quarter of 2021: 34.5% increase

In a scenario of increasing union efforts for the sustained resumption of businesses around the world, foreign trade has been proving to be a driver for the consolidation of the furniture sector in this new moment. Thus, strengthening both the national industry and providing means for the global repositioning of brands and companies in the wood and furniture chain.

Brazilian exports of furniture and bedding in March 2021 grew by 40.1% compared to February of the same year. Therefore, following a positive trajectory since the beginning of the year, the accumulated result in the first quarter was +34.5%. The data are part of the monthly study “Furniture Export Monitoring”, April 2021 edition, developed by Apex-Brasil – The Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency in partnership with ABIMÓVEL – the Brazilian Furniture Manufacturers Association, with exclusivity for companies associated with the Brazilian Furniture Sector Project.

 All categories advanced in exports in the third month of the year

Good news is that, returning to the same level of the first month of the year, all categories analyzed in the study experienced an increase in international sales in March 2021. Compared to February, the numbers in growth order were: upholstery, +69.5%; wooden furniture, +37%; and metal furniture, +27.6%. With this result, the “metal” category recovers part of the volume lost in the previous month, closing the first quarter with a positive variation of 6.3%.

Bedding remains in the lead when it comes to exports in the furniture sector. Significant growth of 81.7% in March compared to the immediate previous month, when it had already shown a positive change of 63.4%. Thus, the accumulated bedding (mattresses) exports this year is already 62.9%. In this category, the novelty is that, unlike February, Uruguay was the country that imported most Brazilian mattresses in March (an increase of 51%). Living, therefore, Bolivia in second place, but still at an accelerated pace (+106.3%).

Main destinations for Brazilian furniture and bedding in March 2021

The United States continues to be the main destination for Brazilian furniture abroad: +13.7% from February to March 2021 and +31.5% in the accumulated result for the first three months. Negotiations with Chile have also been growing by leaps and bounds: +217.8% and +185.8% in the same comparisons, respectively.

Another very welcome piece of news: after falling 11% in the January-February 2021 comparison, furniture and bedding (mattresses) exports to the United Kingdom, an important trading partner in the sector, increased 27.1% in March. With the positive movement, the accumulated result in the first quarter was +7.7%.

There was no negative change from February to March among the main destinations for Brazilian furniture and bedding exports. A sign that only confirms the assertiveness of the actions taken by the Brazilian Furniture Project and its participating companies in the insertion and internationalization of the Brazilian furniture industry.

Opportunities in the South American market: Peru

Other markets that have shown increasing interest in Brazilian furniture are our South American neighbors. Industry exports to Uruguay grew 42.6% in March; for Peru, the increase in business was 48.5% — both in the month-to-month comparison.

The significant advance in the consumption behavior of the Peruvian population, increasingly oriented to product quality when we talk about durable goods, make Brazil an ideal business partner: considering its territorial proximity, as well as greater logistical, technological, economic flexibility and innovation of our local industries.

Brazilian furniture further and further away: Saudi Arabia

Despite not appearing on the ranking for the ten largest destinations for Brazilian furniture in the world, wooden furniture exports to Saudi Arabia have also been growing quite robustly in recent months. Between February and March 2021 alone, the variation was +221.9%. When we look at the accumulated result for the first quarter, the increase is even greater: 346.3%.

In spite of a period of low negotiations in other categories during the month of March, all of them, with the exception of mattresses, had made progress in the year. Therefore, demonstrating opportunities for both wooden furniture and metal furniture, also, upholstery. Saudi Arabia, by the way, is one of the target markets of the Brazilian Furniture Project, pointing to a scenario of great opportunities in the medium term. With this focus, the project companies will participate in the Commercial Mission to EXPO 2021/2022 in the region.


Brazilian Furniture Manufacturers Association – ABIMÓVEL

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