Brazilian furniture and mattresses exports show an increase of 72.1% in the 1st semester

Adding up significant numbers this year, Brazilian exports of furniture and mattresses closed the first half of 2021 with an increase of 72.1% compared to the same period in 2020. It is true that the disruption suffered in the first half of last year, when there was a 17.4% drop in the exports in the field, boosted the variation in this comparison upwards. The consolidated results from the explosion in the global furniture sales in June 2020, however, confirm the solidity of national furniture exports, with an increase of 41.3% in the quantity of pieces exported in the last 12 months.

This movement returns the lost volume to exporting companies, increasing the share of Brazilian furniture and mattresses in the international market, as well as demonstrating the real evolution of the competitiveness of the Brazilian industry, confirming it as the sixth largest producer and the 28th largest exporter of furniture worldwide.

The indicators are from the study “Monitoramento das Exportações de Móveis e Colchões”, developed by IEMI – Market Intelligence for ABIMÓVEL – The Brazilian furniture Manufacturers Association and Apex-Brasil – The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency.


Exports of ‘steel furniture’ stabilize

The highlight of this edition of the study was the upholstery exports, which in the sixth month of the year grew 122% compared to the immediately previous month; 98.7% in the accumulated from January to June in relation to the same period in 2020; and 38.6% in the last 12 months. A considerable growth in all comparisons.

It is also noteworthy the stabilization of exports in the “steel furniture” category, one of the most affected by disruptions in the furniture production chain generated by the pandemic in the world. The category advances at a positive pace, with an increase of 103.2% in the volume exported in June over May 2021. The United States, Panama and Colombia are currently the main international destinations for metal furniture produced in Brazil. ABIMÓVEL, by the way, continues to monitor the situation with the national steel industry.

Exports of wooden furniture and mattresses made in Brazil also continue to evolve.

Main destinations for Brazilian furniture and mattresses abroad

Speaking of the main destinations for Brazilian furniture exports, by the way, the United States continues to lead as the most important market for Brazilian furniture. Except in the mattress category, in which the main target markets are currently: Uruguay, with a growth of 42.2% from January to June this year, despite the 3.5% drop in June compared to May; Bolivia, with a robust growth of 114.4% in the semester and 131.8% from May to June; and Paraguay, 107.3% increase in the half-yearly consolidated and 7.8% in the month.

Returning to the big picture, including the four main categories of furniture (wood, metal, upholstery and mattresses), with furniture exports to Chile growing at a fast pace, as we highlighted in our analysis of the latest edition of the report, the South American country has in recent months taken second place among the main destinations for Brazilian furniture abroad, leaving the United Kingdom in third position.

The British market, however, returned to demonstrating promising numbers at the end of the first half of 2021, showing an increase of 60% in June over May; 44.6% in accumulated until June this year; and 17.4% in the last 12 months. Thus pointing out a possible recovery process.



The Brazilian Furniture Manufacturers Association – ABIMÓVEL

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