Brazilian furniture and mattresses exports continue to grow in 2021

Around US$ 88 million (FOB), this was the amount exported in Brazilian furniture and mattresses in the last month of October. Raising, the nominal result was once again higher than the previous month, when the national furniture industry had exported US$ 79.6 million.

As a result, the panorama of Brazilian exports in the sector during the tenth month of this year was 41.2% ahead of the amount exported in October 2020. The results are part of the latest edition of the “Monitoring of Furniture Exports”, a monthly study carried out by IEMI – Market Intelligence with exclusivity for members of the Brazilian Furniture Project, an initiative held by ABIMÓVEL – The Brazilian Furniture Manufacturers Association and Apexbrasil – The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency.


At the same time, when analyzing the variation accumulated from January to October 2021, there was an increase of 56.9% in the volume exported compared to the same period last year. This number is lower than the accumulated up to September (+59.3%) and August (+62.7%), but it is still demonstrating the consistency of exports this year, now under more solid comparative bases, that is, with less influence from the pandemic.

Points that are also confirmed in the advance of 51.7% in the amount exported in the last 12 months.

Top destinations

By product line, it is noted that wooden furniture continues to represent the main export category in the sector: 85.1% of the total exported by the Brazilian furniture industry, that is, around US$ 74.9 million (FOB) .

The second largest participation was the upholstered furniture line, with a share of 10%. Following are the lines of metal furniture and mattresses, which had participation of 2.7% and 2.3%, respectively.

In the monthly variation, that is, in the comparison between October 2021 and October 2020, it was observed that all segments showed growth this year. The highlight, this time, was the exports of metal furniture, which after periods of instability, especially in relation to the shortage of raw material for production, returned to advance in recent months, reaching growth of 102.4% in the tenth month, the largest among all the segments.

Upholstery comes right after, registering an increase of 84.2%, also in the monthly comparison.


Middle East was one of the standout destinations in October

With regard to the main destinations of Brazilian furniture and mattresses exports, there were no surprises among the first places, with the United States remaining as the main import market, receiving 38.8% of the Brazilian furniture exports; followed, thus, by Chile, which received 13.2%, continuing its growth trend.

The highlight, however, came from the Middle East, with exports to Saudi Arabia growing more than 2013.7% in the monthly variation. The result raised the accumulated amount of Brazilian exports to the Saudi market this year by 532.9%, placing the country in ninth position among the main destinations for domestic furniture in the world market.

In terms of participation, however, Saudi Arabia still has a low share of Brazilian exports in the sector. Such behavior reveals, though, the potential for expansion of business in the region. Not least, the country is one of the target markets for the Brazilian Furniture Project, with ABIMÓVEL and ApexBrasil, creators of the project, increasingly seeking alternatives to bring the relationship between the two countries closer, both through business roundtables / Buyer Project and Trade Missions, participation in events and defense of export policies that benefit both countries.

The second largest destination for Brazilian furniture in the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates registered an increase of 74% in the monthly variation of exports and a growth of 102.7% in the year.

For Brazil, the country on the Arabian Peninsula represents one of the Arab nations with the greatest openness to the Western world, thus, a Business Council was recently created between Brazilian and UAE companies in order to intensify trade and mutual investment between the two countries.


Monthly Monitoring of Furniture Exports

Part of the commercial intelligence actions of the Brazilian Furniture Project, the monthly study “Monitoring of Furniture Exports” is prepared to order by ABIMÓVEL and ApexBrasil, based on estimates prepared from exclusive data from IEMI’s research panels, with companies in the sector (producers and retailers), as well as based on data and situational performance indicators produced by official sources of information (IBGE, SECEX, CAGED, among others).

The study follows the sector’s foreign trade in its four main product lines — upholstery, wood, metals and mattresses — bringing general results and the regional panorama of sales in the project’s target markets.

The study is available in full to project members at



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