Cod Cold War Gentlemen`s Agreement

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A Look at the Call of Duty Cold War Gentlemen`s Agreement

The Call of Duty franchise has been a mainstay of the first-person shooter genre since its debut in 2003. With millions of players around the world and a competitive esports scene, each new release is eagerly anticipated and scrutinized by fans and critics alike. Call of Duty Cold War, released in November 2020, continued this tradition with its mix of campaign, multiplayer, and zombies modes, as well as its integration with the free-to-play battle royale game Warzone. However, one aspect of Cold War`s multiplayer caused some controversy and confusion: the so-called gentlemen`s agreement.

What is the gentlemen`s agreement?

The gentlemen`s agreement, or GA for short, refers to a set of informal rules or understandings among some competitive players and teams regarding the use of certain weapons, attachments, perks, or tactics that they consider unbalanced or unfair. The GA can vary from region to region, league to league, or even event to event, as it is not officially endorsed or enforced by the game developer, publisher, or organizer. The GA can also change over time as the meta (the dominant strategies and trends) evolves or as new updates or patches affect the game`s balance.

The gentlemen`s agreement in Cold War mainly revolves around two features: the use of the MP5 submachine gun and the slide cancel technique. The MP5 is a versatile and deadly weapon that has been popular in Call of Duty games for years, but some players argue that its current version in Cold War is too powerful and dominates the close-range engagements. The slide cancel technique involves performing a quick slide (by pressing the crouch button while sprinting) followed by an immediate cancel (by aiming down sights or jumping) in order to reduce the movement penalty and gain an advantage in gunfights. Some players consider the slide cancel to be an exploit that exploits the game`s mechanics and should be banned or discouraged.

Why do some players use the gentlemen`s agreement?

The reasons behind the gentlemen`s agreement are not always clear or consistent. Some players may feel that certain weapons, attachments, perks, or tactics are simply too strong or unbalanced to allow for a fair or enjoyable competition. Some players may also want to differentiate themselves from the mainstream or casual players who may rely on those crutches. Additionally, some players may want to showcase their skill and creativity by using lesser-known or more challenging loadouts or techniques. Lastly, some players may want to avoid backlash or scrutiny from the community or the game developer, who may frown upon the use of exploits or overpowered elements.

What is the impact of the gentlemen`s agreement?

The impact of the gentlemen`s agreement on the Cold War multiplayer scene is hard to gauge. While some players and teams may follow it strictly or loosely, others may ignore it or even mock it. The GA also applies only to some game modes or events, as some leagues or tournaments may have their own rules or restrictions. Additionally, the GA can create a divide between the competitive and casual players, as the former may have a different view on what constitutes a fair or skillful playstyle. Some players may also feel frustrated or confused when facing opponents who use banned or frowned-upon elements, or when watching streams or highlights that feature such actions.


The gentlemen`s agreement in the Call of Duty Cold War multiplayer scene reflects the complex and dynamic nature of competitive play in modern video games. While it can be a way for some players to uphold certain standards or values, it can also be a source of confusion, division, or controversy. As the Call of Duty franchise continues to evolve and expand, it remains to be seen whether the gentlemen`s agreement will persist, adapt, or fade away.